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This are an insight, experiences and "contacts", of a silent observer and co-creator of this world and this reality, being in it and at the same time being out, and trying to avoid the cognitive dissonance ... contacting the infinite, which is himself ... so he just came to a conclusion, that to keep in mind that we are gods (beyond the theological sense) and co-creators of the reality around us, so we shouldn't be afraid of anything, absolutely nothing ... and he finally concludes that we are the ones who manifest the reality ... and also always need to expecting the unexpected, as simple as that ...

this is a vision, experiences and 'contacts' of a silent observer of this world and this reality, being in it and at the same time outside, and trying to avoid cognitive dissonance ...

thinking out loud...

coming into contact with the infinite, which is himself ... listening to the inner voice ... trying to hear the answers to tireless questions ... thinking out loud ...

etheric side...

experiences and conflicts between an apparently material world and the etheric side in which we really reside, and what we are ...

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"I hate words like" inspired "because they have become so exaggerated and extravagant, but I just have to say that: Cyrillo DeSouza is an inspiration, I was privileged to see him speak at a forum in Miami, and he is a very sensitive, funny, intelligent guy that I have seen in this world. "

Kelly S.

Publisher & Editor

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Our Readers Says

Kelly Rogers
Satisfied Client

This is a great book that left me with a lot of experiences and a little bit exhausted but happy at the end. You live several lives while reading.

** One of the Best Books. **
James Stud
Satisfied Client

Some books must be tasted, others eaten, but only a few must be chewed and digested completely, like this one. I loved it.

**Inspiring and Well Writtren **
John Doe
Satisfied Client

From the moment I picked up this book until I dropped it, I was convulsed by the pleasure of reading something good. I recommend.

**Awesome Book **

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About The Author

Cyrillo DeSouza, is a consultant in the areas of Technology, Government and International Relations, Intelligence and Geopolitics.

Cyrillo fell in love with the perceived reality, as well as the unknown and even hidden, and tirelessly seeks answers about human nature and its mysteries, as well as for the unusual questions that wander in the sleeping minds of the diverse races that live this unique experience on this beautiful planet undergoing dimensional paradigm changes...

"This Book is Full of Surprise"

A suggestion portrayed in this book would be to listen to our inner voice ... and try to hear the answers to tireless questions ... thinking outside the box ... after all, we must be the master of our own faith ... and the captain of our own soul ... so we don't need intermediaries ...go straight to the source ... after all we are fragments of the source ... which in the end we are ourselves ...

Cyrillo DeSouza - The Author

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